About Fairlane Green

FairlaneGreen is the Australia's leading provider for cleaner energy solutions for households.

The Fairlane Group is an Australian family business that has its origins going back 45 years ago starting in the small suburban streets of Carnegie in Melbourne by Founder Daniel Murphy. Quickly establishing the company as one of the leading electrical contractors in the growing residential construction industry, Fairlane became the preferred contractor of choice for many of the large building firms.

These included Glenville Homes, Fasham, Hooker and Henley Homes to mention a few that became part of the Australian building vernacular.

FairlaneGreen was formed by Brendan Murphy, after recognizing the apparent need for a cleaner energy solution for the householder. After consultation with new home owners a growing number were looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption and ultimately minimize their carbon footprint in the home.

By modifying behavior and making small incremental changes in routine and purchasing decisions, with the aid of a Home Sustainability Assessment Calculator, these objectives were met.

Having become an accredited home sustainability assessor FairlaneGreen hopes to inspire all home owners to become proactive in their decisions for future generations.

FairlaneGreen is always looking for ways to reduce our client's energy consumption