Community Groups and Schools

FairlaneGreen encourages community groups and schools to become ecologically sustainable by promoting our eco-conscious green products and services.

We proudly offer you a solution to reduce your impact on the environment by switching to solar energy and reduce your carbon footprint, while gaining financial benefits and become energy independence.

We are committed to helping community groups and schools to install affordable solar systems through the FairlaneGreen Community Help Program.

Welcome to Solar SETS !

Energy use is generally invisible, something that happens behind the scenes. Becoming aware of wasted energy and learning to manage energy use is therefore difficult. Solar SETS offers schools a way to monitor and manage their real time energy information. Solar SETS shows within 1 minute of real time the effect of energy conservation efforts. Measurement of 3 key metrics - generation, consumption and temperature is reported almost straight away. For example, turning the lights off in the classroom and watching the real time energy readings drop. Making energy usage visible is an essential first step in learning to manage your carbon footprint.

Solar SETS is the most comprehensive real time monitoring system currently on the market and is specifically geared towards sustainability education outcomes. This can begin a paradigm shift in the way energy is perceived, used - and conserved globally. Partnership with the Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies (CERES) and Planet Savers provides teachers with a broad range of educational resources to make the real time energy readings come to life for their students. Essential learning framework resources and related units of work, integrated studies outlines, as well as suggested science, numeracy, literacy and sustainability based learning activities are provided to support teachers - and are linked back to the data from Solar SETS.

Solar SETS:

1) Makes sustainability easy and fun to understand
2) Quantifies energy savings
3) Builds motivation by comparing your school with other schools
4) Raise awareness by publishing the school sustainability activities
5) Enables management, which results in schools that are genuinely more sustainable
6) Empower the students to become aware and responsible for their actions